Arada Lagom 4 Ceramic

Mi Tinderbox Large

Here we have been given a blank canvas.

Using Class A1 fire proof rated construction board and metal stud work. We have created a false chimney breast, that is completely fireproof. 

Laid on a slate hearth base, which we have cut, polished and bevelled on site.

Using TwPro twin wall flue pipe, taking it up through the ceiling and out of the roof. We have created a safe passage for the fumes from the woodburner to exit the property without the need for a traditional masonry chimney.

The woodburner we have installed is a 5kw Mi Tinderbox Large. This is an Eco Design woodburner with over 80% efficiency.

All finished off with a  hand finished oak beam and of course our customers lovely decorating skills.

Mi bowfell multi fuel stove 

Here we removed the rather dated, tiled open fireplace. 

Set in a new concrete lintel, to safely raise and widen the size of the original fireplace in order to accommodate the new multi fuel stove.

We have lined the inside of the fireplace with Oyster slip face slate tiles and plastered the front face to match in with the rest of the wall on the chimney breast.

Laid on a slate hearth, cut, corners curved, bevelled and polished on site, we have installed a Mi Bowfell Multi Fuel Stove. Using 904 grade stainless steel flue liner inside the existing chimney.

Finished off with a hand dressed oak beam, a custom made black steel frame and of course our customers fantastic decorating skills.

I even let Rob light the first fire on this one!

Here is what our customers thought...